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It All Starts With Words

Let me just start by stating my bias – I am a stickler about customer service.  I am not talking about “the customer is always right” service, although that is nice too, but I am talking about treating each person that comes into your place of business as if they are important to you; because […]

Back to school: Supporting your teen for success

School started today for my teens. It can be a time of excitement, reuniting with friends, and a return to schedule. For many teens, the start of school may also come with stress as they anticipate the social and educational demands of school. Between being always connected, extra-curricular activities, and increased choices in education, teens […]

World Suicide Prevention Day: You are not alone

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. While I have not personally been impacted by suicide, in my work I have seen more people wanting to kill themselves than I ever wanted to. It breaks my heart as a person and a counselor that people come to places of such deep pain and desperation that ending […]

Be Curious: 3 Ways to Cultivate Curiosity

We’ve all had those moments where we are trying to communicate with our partner or spouse and the next thing you know, it’s become miscommunication! We find ourselves defensive and maybe even digging in our heels instead of really listening to what the other person is saying. We all want more intimate and more deeply […]

Creating a Marriage-Centered Blended Family: 3 Tips to Get Started

Today’s blog is by guest-blogger, Kyleen Baptiste. Kyleen is the founder of Foreign Soil Ministries and passionate about helping blended families thrive! I hope you enjoy…Heather Recently I was catching up on some podcasts and I listened to one on having a Marriage-Centered Family. It was so good! They shared about the biblical truths of […]

Emotions Matter: How To Get In Touch With Yours

I was watching an interview on the morning news today with a woman about her love for the Boston Red Sox. The woman said that she has been a Red Sox fan since she was 14 years old and then said “And I don’t know why.” She is now 102 years old and has diligently […]

How to Maintain Your Mental Health and Enjoy the Holidays

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that every year is going by more quickly. Whether I am ready for it or not, Thanksgiving has already passed and December is quickly coming upon us again. The holidays can bring a lot of fun enjoying family traditions and finding ways to bring joy […]